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This trip could be called the "Riding the Northern Rocky Mountains Run", since, as the name implies, you will be riding incredible roads through 4 spectacular National Parks in the northern United States and southern Canada. You will see glaciers up close and personal. This trip takes 11 days, but you can shorten it by 2 days, if needed. The first/last days are travel days to/from Montana.

This trip takes you from Montana to British Columbia to Alberta and back again to Montana, so you will need to have your passport ready. Approx. 1,500 miles.
Motorcycle Trips - Canada
We're heading out of the US of A again! Get ready for a week's worth of riding in two of Canada's most beautiful maritime provinces.

On this trip, you will see your share of antique lighthouses as you ride along the rugged coast.
Picturesque villages dot the landscape with pods of whales feeding just offshore. And just for good measure, watch the tide rise and fall by as much as 50' in this world famous bay.

Starting in Augusta, Maine, you'll be riding through New Brunswick and Nova Scotia.
Motorcycle Trips - New England
Motorcycle Trips - New EnglandMotorcycle Trips - New EnglandMotorcycle Trips - New England
Motorcycle Trips - New England
We're heading North, but this time it's to the beautiful Canadian Province of Quebec. Better bone-up on your French!

This trip makes you one with the ocean as you ride along the coasts of both New Brunswick and Quebec. Ride along the St. Lawrence Seaway and you will appreciate the charm and beauty of this Canadian Maritime Province.

Explore this area and witness where the Appalachian Mountains finally meet the sea.
Motorcycle Tours - Quebec
Starting in Ellsworth, Maine, you'll be riding through Maine, New Brunswick, the Gaspe Penninsula, Quebec and back into New England. Bon voyage!
Price $49.95
Price $49.95
Price $49.95
Glacier, Jasper & Banff National Parks
New Brunswick, Nova Scotia & The Cabot Trail
New Brunswick, Quebec & The Gaspe Penninsula
Every Apex motorcycle trip itinerary is designed to give you lots of information relative to the ride that you have chosen. You receive route suggestions and maps, active links and an interactive PDF file of the trip. We also provide suggestions for points of interest, scenic byway routes, hotels, restaurants, gas stops and more.

One week motorcycle trips are fantastic, since you get to include the extra weekend to give you nine days instead of just seven. And more is always better. It's the perfect way to get out there and see the places that you've been talking about for years. And since an Apex tour itinerary is reasonably priced, you have more money left to actually take that dream trip.

There is a saying which reads, "You never see a motorcycle parked outside a psychiatrist's office."
Make an investment in your peace of mind and take the bike trip that you've always wanted.

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