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Grab some open road and ride.
Motorcycle trips are all about the journey, with a slightly lesser emphasis on the actual destination.

But getting the journey right can be really tough.

What scenic byway should I take? Where am I going to stay? Any good places to eat? What's there to do once I get there? Are the roads paved? And where can I get more T-shirts for my collection?

See what I mean? Successful trip planning is a lot of work and is very time consuming.
That's what our site is all about. Helping you take the trip you've wanted, long or short, without all of the hassle. New to the area or just want a short ride? No problem. We've got day trips and weekend trips. Got more time to ride? We have longer motorcycle tours ranging from one week to two weeks in length. We can also provide custom tailored itineraries for trips in the United States and Canada.

Remember, with most other tours available out there, you have to take what they have included in the package. Take accommodations, for instance. What if their choice is either too expensive or not up to your standards? Too bad, because it's part of the package. You say that you don't want to ride with a large group? Shucks. The tour you booked is a group tour. This is why we're better. We give you choices -- lots of choices. We provide listings of hotels, restaurants and places of interest along the route and at each stopping point for the night. You pick what you like and make your own reservations.

Apex Motorcycle Trip
Apex Motorcycle Trip
Apex Motorcycle Tours 
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So, come on inside and see what we have to offer. We think you'll like the choices available to you.
Visit our "What You Get" page for more information regarding all of our motorcycle services.
     "Go where you want to go, do what you wanna do with whoever you want to do it with." 

Apex Motorcycle Tours - Providers of value-priced trip itineraries in the United States and Canada to the motorcycling community. Let us make your motorcycle vacation something special.
"You gotta go where you wanna go,
Do what you wanna do
         With whoever you wanna do it with..."
                                                                                 Jon Phillips, The Mamas and the Papas, 1965
                                                                                                                                                                                            (Player controls at bottom of page)
These words, written 45 years ago, still hold true and capture the essence of today's motorcyclists. Freedom. The open road.  Going where you want to go with whoever you want to go with.  Your choice.
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